I love street art, the city, old people, and popsicles.
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I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me.

Tracee Ellis Ross (via wordsthat-speak)

Live your Art. Don’t think about it.

Bill Viola (b.1951, American)

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I prefer nature anytime to man-made stuff. Just look at the difference: Nature renews itself all the time and shines in renewed beauty…..while man-made stuff gets old and rusty. Why can mankind not just admit that we’re totally inferior to nature?

Sereno Sky, author of “Lonely Traveller” (via eternalit-y)

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Whenever your faith in people is lost, remember these pictures.

This needs more notes. 37k is not enough

this is a post that deserves to be broken. One day I would like nothing more than too see this has too many notes.

This is why we sometimes get nice things.

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Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover) by Dana Williams and Leighton Meester (watch here, check out Dana’s “The Lonely One” EP here)

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